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The priority at CrossFit MVA is quality skill and athletic development, with a focus on proper technique and mobility for injury-prevention. Before our members begin CrossFit, we provide them with a Two-week Elements series to understand the following:

The How & Why

It is important to learn how to properly and safely move and lift objects. We help members to connect movements to daily life activities and train them for better overall “functional fitness.” Applying proper movement patterns serves us all well outside of the gym.

Skill & Technique Development

Elements members work in groups of no more than 5, giving them the opportunity to learn the barbell lifts and gymnastics movements in a highly-coached setting. Participants better understand their capabilities (and limitations) for greater body awareness and preparation for the transition to CrossFit classes.


Elements Members will perform a “mini” workout of the day to ease their way into CrossFit workouts, and gradually build their work capacity. These mini WODs often incorporate the skill taught that day to reinforce their learning and understanding of proper form, technique, and safety.

Group Discussion

Elements classes conclude with a group discussion to reinforce the “how’s” and “why’s.” Group discussions also cover elements of proper nutrition, recovery techniques, and the importance of proper mobility work for maximum athletic development and injury prevention.

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Quotes from Elements Graduates

"Mark was so patient with me, and really helped me feel comfortable as I learned how to progress through the movements."

− Kris

"I love the small classes because they were less intimidating, and it was great to really work closely with the coaches and be able to ask a ton of questions."

− Bob

Congratulations Recent Elements Graduates!

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