Restorative Stretch is offered on Wednesday evenings at 7:30 PM at CrossFit MVA. This class focuses on mobility and stretching. Our Stretch instructor, Katherine Touhey, participates in the CrossFit classes and is very in tune to the movements and ways to incorporate mobility for increased range of motion.

This 45-minute sessions goes at your pace and April works individually with participants on modifying stretches for individual benefit. At the end is an optional “meditation” period to relax and reflect.

This class blends restorative yoga poses with active & assisted stretching techniques.   The class begins with dynamic stretches, which warm the body and increase flexibility through movement.  These are followed by restorative postures, which are held for up to three minutes using props to support the body.  This sequence of poses, combined with the hand-on approach of the instructor (who is both a Registered Yoga Teacher & Licensed Massage Therapist) encourages the muscles to stretch and release, helping the athlete to maintain mobility, prevent injury and increase physical performance.