All classes are 45-minutes.

CrossFit Schedule

ProgramMon - ThuFriSaturdaySunday
CrossFit5:15 am5:15 amOpen Gym 11 - noon
CrossFit6:00 am6:00 am
CrossFit6:45 am6:45 am8:00 am
CrossFit9:15 am9:15 am9:00 am
CrossFit M/W/F Lunch Class12:30 PM Mon, Wed, Fri Only12:30 PM
CrossFit5:15 pm5:15 pm
CrossFit6:00 pm6:00 pm
CrossFit6:45 pm

CrossFit Elements Schedule

Complete this form to find out the next Elements class start date. (Starts every 1-2 weeks)

Restorative Stretching Schedule

Restorative Stretch7:30 pm