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Monday, January 9


Happy Birthday Alex Wray (Sunday)!

10 Calorie Easy Row
30 Jumping Jacks
10 Hanging Shoulder Rotations
10 Calorie Medium Row
20 Singleunders
5 Push-up + Shoulder Taps
10 Calorie WOD Pace
10 Doubleunders
5 Barbell Push Press

4 Rounds, each for time:
25/20 Calorie Row
75 Doubleunder
25 Push Press (95/65)
Rest 2 Min Between Rounds
*26 Min Cap*

The sub for Doubleunders is 1:00 of Doubleunder attempts or 15/12 Air Bike Calories

Scale Calories or Doubleunder reps as needed if the first round takes longer than five minutes.

1:00 Low Dragon
1:00 Eagle

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