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Wednesday, January 12


5 Inchworm pushup
5 Up down dog
10 Snap up to a hollow position
10 Snap up to a superman
1 Wall walk up w/ 10 second hold
10 Wall shoulder circles
10 Lat pull
5 Kip swing
5 C2B/COB pullup or ring row
6 Box step up w/ single DB

A) EMOM x 10 Handstand walk practice (choose a level and complete the prescribed work every minute)
Rx- 15-25′ Handstand walk
Scale I- 2 (Wall walk up + 10 Hip touches/shoulder taps)
Scale II- 2-3 (Box walk up + 10 shoulder taps)
Scale III- 25-50′ Bear crawl

B) EMOM x 10 (5 sets)
Odd: 12 DB Box step-up (Rx-50/35# 24/20″, Scale I-35/25 20/18″, Scale II-25/15 18/12″)
Even: 5-10 C2B Pullup (Scale to COB or ring row)

1:00 Twisted cross
1:00 Thread the needle

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