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Monday, January 24


:30 Bootstrapper
:30 Air Bike
:30 Hollow hold
:30 Burpee
:30 Inchworm
:30 Box Jump
:30 Spiderman lunge
:30 BB complex
:30 Jumping jax
:30 Mountain climber
3 minutes to warm up to starting weight on BB complex

WOD: EMOM x 24 (8 Sets)
Minute 1: Max rep Air bike calorie
Minute 2: Max rep Burpee box jump over (20/18″)
Minute 3: 2 Unbroken(Power clean + hang squat clean + front squat)
(Rx-165/115, Scale I-135/95, Scale II-105/75, Scale III-85/55 or a weight that allows you to go UB)
*Record reps for each set of Bike and BBJO

1:00 Seated forward fold
1:00 Fragon

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