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Wednesday, January 26


Happy Birthday Danny Fernandez!

4 Inchworm
12 Curtsy lunge
20 Single leg glute bridge (10 each side)
2 Rope get up
10 Narrow stance air squat
12 Split stance top down DL w/ empty bar (6 each side)
:30 Plank hold
:30 Burpee
2:30 to warm up to DL load for WOD

5-6 Rounds, Each for time of:
1-2 Rope Climb or Rope get up
10-12 Deadlift (Rx-225/155, Scale I-185/125, Scale II-135/95, Scale III-95/65)
1-2 Rope Climb
10-12 Pistols (Scale to pistol on box or 1+1/2 air squat)
Rest 2 minutes after each round
*23 minute cap.

2 minute each side: Foam roll glutes/hips

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