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Friday, January 26


Rack Hamstring Stretch x 10

2x Thru
3 Up/Down Dog
6 T-Spine Rotation / Side
9 Ring Row
12 Lat Pull

2x Thru
3 Rope Get-Up or Pull-Up
6 Push-Up + Shoulder Tap
9 Top Down Deadlift
6 Muscle Clean + Press
3 Power Clean + Push Press

A) EMOM x 12 (4 Sets)
1: 6-10 Strict Pull-Up -or- 3-5 Rope Climb
2: 12-20 Ring Push-Up
3: Rest

B) Death by Clean & Jerk (135/95 or ~60% 1RM)
Perform one Clean & Jerk the first minute, two reps the second minute, three reps the third minute, and continue to add one rep each minute until you cannot complete the work.
*10 Min Cap*

Goal is to work into the 8th minute – scale weight appropriately to meet this goal. If you do not get into the 8th minute, work back down the ladder until time is up.

If your back is sore or fatigued from the past week, sub a Death By Air Bike + Push Press (95/65). Bike 1 Cal and 1 Push Pres s the first minute. 2 Cals and 2 Push Press the second minute. 3 Cals and 3 Push Press, etc.

:45 Child’s Pose
:45 Thread the Needle
:45 Puppy

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