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** Reminder, if there is inclement weather, please check our Facebook Page before coming in to ensure that we are open. Our Page is accessible to the public, even if you are not a Facebook member.**

Congratulations to Coaches Melissa & MK for winning 2nd place in this weekend’s “Survival of the Fittest” competition! Also kudos to Jen, Desi, Sasha, and Catharine for competing!! Thanks to those of you who came out to cheer us on!


A) EMOM x 10 (5 sets)
Odd: 6-16 T2B
Even: 5 Power clean (Increase load from last week)

100 DU (200 SU) Buy-in

Then 3 RFT of:
15 S2O (165/115, 135/95, 105/75, 85/55)
15 Lateral burpee over bar

1:30 minute pec mash each side
1:30 minute scap mash each side

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