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Monday, January 31


20 Jumping jax
10 Air squat
5 Burpee
3 Deep squat complex
2 Inchworm lunge
w/ empty bar
5 Front squat
5 Muscle clean
5 Front squat
5 Hang squat clean
:30 Dead hang from pullup bar
:30 Hollow hold
3 Strict pullup or ring row
5 C2B Pullup or jumping pullup
Spend 4 minutes warming up to working squat clean weight

WOD:Every 3 minutes for 21 minutes (7 sets)
7-15 C2B Pullup (Scale to chin over bar pullup or ring row)
5 Squat clean (Choose a load that allows you to do tough, but quick singles)
Rest remainder of 3 minute window. Record times for each set.

1:00 Frog
1:00 Foam roll upper back
:30 Foam roll lats

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