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Tuesday, February 2


Happy Birthday Alex Lindsay!

10 PVC passthrough
5 Inchworm pushup
5 Burpee
5 Up/down dog
5 BTN press
5 Strict press
5 Deep squat complex
5-7 Pullup
10 PVC Halo

A) 5-5-5-5 Strict press building
10 minutes including warm-up
*From the floor.

B) Partner WOD:
10 minute AMREP of burpee and pullup.
Both partners working at the same time, one on pullup and one on burpee. Decide as a team when you want to switch movements in order to get the most reps of each movement as a team.

Home WOD/Zoom:
A) If you don’t have the ability to build on strict press, sub EMOM x 10 of 1-3 Wall walk up
B) Every :30 for 10 minutes alternate between pullup (sub renegade row) and burpee to accumulate as man reps as possible.

1:00 Puppy
1:00 Archer

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