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Friday, February 3


The CrossFit Open is just two weeks away! Join the CFMVA fun in-house team competition to raise money for your teams charity! Learn more and register by following the link.

Happy Birthday Su Yu!

5 Perfect Stretch
2x Thru
6 Ring Row w/Pause
4 Push-Up Taps
6 Hanging Hip Touches
2x Thru
2 Get-Ups
4 T-Spine Rotation
6 Bench Press (Barbell then Light Weight)

Every 4:00 for 20:00
7 Bench Press
1-3 Rope Climb

Use weight from 012423

Scale: 3-4 Rope Get-Up
RX+: Legless or L-Sit Rope Climb

1:00 Twisted Cross
1:00 Thread the Needle

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