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Friday, February 4


10 PVC passthrough
4 Yoga pushup
20 Shoulder tap in plank
10 Glute bridge
8 Superman
8 Single leg DL w/ single DB (4 each side)
10 Pushup
5 Scap pull
5 Lat pull
2-3 Strict pullup
3 Deep squat complex
1-2 Bar Muscle up or 2-4 Ring dip or HRPU

A) EMOM x 5
2-6 Bar Muscle Up or 4-12 Pullup & Ring Dip
If you do not have ring dips, scale to HRPU

B) Every 3 minutes for 18 minutes (6 sets)
12 DB Deadlift
DB Farmers carry length of pullup rig x 4 (down, back, down, back)
(Rx-50/35, Scale I- 35/25, Scale II-25/15, Scale III-15/10)
Choose a weight that allows you do all of the deadlifts and farmers carry without putting the weights down.

1:00 Pigeon
1:00 Seated twist

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