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Friday, February 5


4 Bootstrapper
4 Spiderman lunge
16 Mountain climber
16 Jumping jax
8 Step up
8 Curtsy lunge w/ 2 second pause
4 Up down dog
12 T-spine rotation (6 each side)
Test 15 seconds of burpees as fast as possible (remember your #, you’ll need it for part B)

A) For quality:
EMOM x 10 (5 sets)
Alternating single arm KB swing (53/35#)
Even: Single KB box step up (20/18″, hold the KB however you want)
* Work for :45 seconds on round 1 at a slow steady pace. Match your reps from round 1 on following 4 rounds.

B) “Death by Burpees”
Start minute 1 with the same # as :15 test
Add 1 rep each minute until either the 10 minutes is up or you aren’t able to get the prescribed # of reps in that minute.

Home WOD: Same as above!

1:00 Straddle
1:00 Fragon

Coach Katy demonstrating how fun burpees can be.

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