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Saturday, February 6


Happy Birthday Joe Greger!

Last, last call for Intramural shirts! We will not be ordering any extras, so make sure to get in your pre order!

5 Bootstrapper
4 Inchworm
3 Deep squat complex
4 Air squat
5 Jumping air squat
7 DB push press
6 Cossack squat
5 DB thruster
6 Lat pull
5 Pullup
4 T2B

22 minute AMRAP Partner WOD:
10 Pullup (Jumping pullup)
10 T2B (knee raise)
15 DB Thruster (50/35#)
P1 completes a full round, while P2 rests then P2 completes a full round while P1 rests.
If the first round takes longer than :90, first scale pullups to 6, then scale T2B and lastly scale weight on thrusters.

Home WOD:
Sub 16 Renegade Row for pullup
Sub V-up for T2B

1:00 Frog
1:00 Lizard

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