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20rep Back Squat Goal is to increase load used for 3-minute AMRAP last week.


For time or total reps: 0-5 minutes: 50 Thruster (95/65# or ~50% of 1RM If you complete thrusters before 5 minutes is up, move onto DU.

At 5 minutes move onto DU even if you have not completed thrusters 5-8 minutes: 100 DU (200-300 SU) If you complete DU’s before 8 minutes is up, move onto PU.

At 8 minutes move onto pull-ups even if you have not completed DU. 8-13 minutes: 50 C2B Pullup (COB or Ring Row) If you complete all 3 exercises in under 13 minutes, note time of completion. If you did not complete all of the reps then note total reps for each movement.

Mobility: 2:00 Couch stretch 2:00 Dbl Lax ball to t-spine

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