021715 “Squat you must”

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Announcement: 5:15 AM Class Cancelled due to Snow. We are open starting for the 6 AM class!

20 minutes to establish a 1 rep max Back Squat
Compare to 010915
We are at the end of our 6 week strength cycle. It is time to test the gains you all have made on your back squat!

Suggested loading: Let’s say your goal is 300lbs
Set 1) 5 reps @ 50% 150lb, Set 2) 3 reps @ 60% 180lb, Set 3) 2 reps @ 70% 210lb, Set 4) 1 rep @ 80% 240lb
Set 5) 1 rep @ 90% 270lb, Set 6) 1 rep @ 95% 285lb, Set 7) 1 rep @100+ 300lb

Team 3k Row (250m at a time)
3 person teams
Work on fast transitions and all out sprints for each interval


Beyond the Whiteboard

BTWBWe’ve posted a Tutorial on how to use Beyond the Whiteboard! Please check it out and start logging if you haven’t started already! Check the sidebar widget or visit this page. 



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