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Saturday, February 26


2 Rounds :30 each movement:
Inchworm pushup
Air Squat
Mountain Climber
Jumping Jax
2 Rounds :30 each movement of:
PVC Superman
PVC Passthrough
PVC Sots press
2 Rounds with a 3 minute cap of:
1-2 Wall walk up
6-8 DB snatch
6-8 Box jump over

WOD: Open WOD 22.1
15 minute AMRAP of:
3 Wall walk (Scaled-scaled wall walk)
12 Alternating DB snatch (Rx=50/35#, Scaled/Masters 55+=35/20#)
15 Box jump-over (Rx/Scaled 24/20″, Scaled may step-over)
*Note, everyone must step down off box.

Please review workout description and movement standards before attending class. If you are registered for the official CF Open (not Intramurals), you must secure a judge that is in a different heat from you. In order to keep everyone safe and class sizes small, we will not have spectating this year. Please show up at your heat time (not earlier) since we will be limiting capacity in the gym.

Home/Travel version of Open 22.1
If you do not have access to a box or DB, you can still get credit for Intramurals with the following WOD:
15 minute AMRAP:
3 Wall walk up
6 Burpee
15 Odd object jump over (~12″)

:30 Puppy dog
:30 Child’s pose
:30 Low dragon

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