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Tuesday, March 2


Happy Birthday Jessica Lenderts!

10 Bootstrapper
10 Superman
10 Hollow Hold
10 Top Down Deadlift
8 Lateral step-over
8 Front squat
8 Cossack squat
6 Burpee
6 Hang squat clean
6 Bird dog

A) 10 minutes to build to a heavy
Power Clean + Hang Squat Clean + Front Squat Complex

B) 3 Rounds for quality of:
:45 Russian KBS
:15 Transition
:45 Lateral KB box step-overs (20/18″)
:15 Transition
*Choose a KB weight that allows you to work continuously with perfect form.

Home WOD/Zoom:
A) EMOM x 10
2 DB Power clean + hang squat clean + front squat + 50′ bear crawl

B) 3 Rounds for quality of:
:45 Russian DB Swing (if you have a light DB go all the way overhead)
:15 Transition
:45 Lateral DB box step-overs (20/18″, if you have light DB’s then use both DB’s for the step-overs)
:15 Transition
*Focus on perfect form.

:45 Knees to belly
:45 Lying knee twist
:45 Forward fold

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