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Friday, March 12


10 Leg Swings
6 Up/down dog
4 Inchworm
10 Starfish sit-up
6 Scales
4 Yoga pushup
20 High knees
10 Air Squat
20 Jumping Jax
5 Burpee

Team WOD:
20 minute AMRAP
In teams of 4 rotate between the following stations:
150m Farmers Carry (Heavy)
Assault Bike Calorie
Plank Hold
Medball Clean (20/14#)
Team rotates after the person doing the farmers carry returns. Score for team is total Assault Bike calories.

Home WOD:
EMOM x 20
Minute 1: Max 10′ Farmers Carry
Minute 2: Max AB/Rowing Cals or max run 10′
MInute 3: Plank hold
MInute 4: DB clean (power or squat)

Straddle (L/R/M)

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