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Monday, March 16


Happy Birthday Brandon McClung (Sunday) & Mike Kulas!

EMOM x 21 minutes (7 sets)
Minute 1: Run 150m (Scale to 100m)
Minute 2: 6-12 T2B (Knee raise)
Minute 3: 16 DB Snatch (50/35#)

In addition to the regular programming, we will be adding a home version of the daily WOD’s for those that aren’t able to get to the gym.

We will be posting videos on the CF MVA Social Page each day & on CrossFit MVA @ Home Section demonstrating the movements contained in the workouts. In addition we will be posting fun challenges to keep everyone motivated.

The first challenge is: Whoever completes 7 home WODs first with a picture of yourself and your results posted to the FB Social Group, BTWB, and/or the CF MVA @ Home WOD post will get a free Gainz tank or t-shirt.

CrossFit MVA @ Home:

1:00 Scap mash w/ lax ball (each side)
1:00 Low dragon (each side)

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