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Friday, March 19


4 Inchworm lunge
8 Bootstrapper
4 Spiderman lunge w/ 3 second hold
8 Up/Down dog
Row 1 minute
:30 Deep Squat Complex
:30 Hollow Hold
8 Superman
4 Burpee

Partner WOD:
18 Minute AMREP
As a team accumulate as many calories as possible on the Assault Bike or Rower
Partners rotate after every 10 calories on Row Bike through:
DB/KB Front Rack Hold
Plank Hold
Roll to Candlestick

Home WOD:
18 minute AMREP
1 minute Row/Bike/Run for max meters or calories
1 minute plank
1 minute Row/Bike/Run
1 minute Front Rack DB/KB Hold
1 minute Row…
1 minute Roll to Candlestick

1:00 Fragon
1:00 Child’s Pose

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