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Friday, March 22


10 PVC passthrough
4 Inchworm lunge
10 Wall facing squat
10 Fire hydrant + Scorpion
10 PVC halo
:20 Dead hang pullup bar
5 Strict hanging knee raise
4 Reverse lunge w/ empty bar
4 Front squat
4 Squat clean
1 Wall walk up
Warm-up HSPU


3 RFT of:

10 Front rack lunge*
12 HSPU (Pike pushup or seated DB press)

Rest 1 minute

8 Squat clean*
12 Strict T2B (Hanging knee raise or dragon flag)

Rest 1 minute

Scale to a load that allows you to go UB on lunge and quick singles on clean.

*22 minute cap.

1:00 Lizard
1:00 Puppy

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