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Monday, March 25


Happy Birthday, Stephanie Butler, Patricia Schiavinato & Reggie Reynolds!

10 Leg swing
4 Deep squat complex
10 Iron cross
8 Tuck up
6 Muscle clean
5 Power clean from power position
4 High hang clean
3 Mid/lower thigh clean
5 Lateral burpee

A) Every 1:45 for 14 minutes (8 sets)
Mid/lower Thigh Clean (Power or squat)
*Build on first 4 sets.

B) Max Power Clean & Jerk in 7 minutes (Use ~70% of top load used in part A)
At the start of every minute complete 5 lateral burpees.
Goal is 3-4 C&J per minute.Scale to 3 burpees if you do not have enough time to complete 3 C&J.

:45 Archer
:45 Lizard

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