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Thursday, March 26


Happy Birthday Steph “Mini” Butler!

Home WOD!
2 Rounds
200m Run (30 Mountain climbers)
3 Yoga push-ups
6 Tuck-ups
3 Burpees
6 Spiderman lunge

For Time:
600m Run (scale to 400m or 80-120 mountain climbers)
40 V-up (Scale to 30 and/or tuck-ups)
40 Burpee box jump (Don’t have a box? Jump Over anything you have at home. Scale to 20)

400m Run (scale to 300m or 60-80 mountain climbers)
30 V-up (Scale to 20)
30 Burpee box jump (Scale to 20)

200m Run (scale to 150m or 30-40 mountain climbers)
20 V-up (Scale to 10)
20 Burpee box jump (Scale to 10)

100m Run
10 V-up (Scale to 5)
10 Burpee box jump (Scale to 5)

*26 minute cap.

2:00 Couch stretch each side

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