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Friday, March 26


Happy Birthday Steph Butler!

5 Inchworm pushup
10 Bootstrapper
10 Scales
10 Spiderman lunge
30 High knees
10 Up downs
150m Run

A) 4 RFT of:
16 Single DB single leg deadlift (50/35#, 8 each side)
12 Floor press (50/35#, either go heavier or use tempo if you are Casey or have Casey strength)

B) For time:1 mile Run (Scale to 1000m)
If you are signed up for the Open you can either take the run easy or scale to 1000m.

Home WOD:
Same as above.
Sub 2k row, 100-150 AB calories for run.

1:00 Pigeon
1:00 Seated twist

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