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Monday, March 30

WOD @ Home

Happy Birthday Rob Scribner!

Note: We sent out an email this morning with the updated Zoom class sign-up process as well as posted a new WOD schedule. Please read it if you haven’t already!

This weeks Home WOD Challenge is for the best workout outfit. Best outfit wins a mesmerizing and magical prize.
Submit pics or video to our Social Group 

2 Rounds of:
10 Leg swings
5 Wall squat
6 Spiderman lunge
5 Hollow rock
6 Yoga push-up
5 Tuck jumps
6 Standing straddle floor taps (front, middle, back)

EMOM x 27 Minutes
Minute 1: Squat clean complex hang +floor + hang + floor (No weights? Sub 6-10 squat jumps)
Minute 2: 4-10 V-up Complex
Minute 3: 6-12 Burpee + 180° Jump

90/90 Stretch 1:30 each side

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