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Friday, April 3


Happy Birthday Caroline Russell!

7 minute amrap:
2 Squat and reach
4 Yoga push-up
6 Cossack squat
8 Crab taps
10 Scorpions
5 Burpee

WOD: “Home Hell”
For Time
100 Dumbbell Hang Clean Thrusters (35/25 lb)
5 Burpees to start, and at the top of each minute
Start with 5 burpees. Then complete as many hang squat clean thrusters (aka: “hang clusters”) as possible until the minute is up. Repeat until 100 total are completed.

Score is the time on the clock when the last thruster is completed. If athlete does not finish score is number of rounds and reps completed.

*20 minute cap.

Bodyweight version: 100 lungesters for time. Perform this the same as above with 5 burpees at the start of every minute.


1:00 Bretzzel stretch
1:00 Butterfly stretch

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