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Saturday, April 10


Farewell and best of luck to the Dubinsky’s who are moving to Guatemala next week! Hopefully they’ll make it back this way again.

4 Inchworm
6 Spiderman lunge
8 Cossack squat
16 Mountain climber
30 Jumping jax
8 Hang clean & Jerk
6 Yoga pushup
4 Burpee over bar

WOD: Partner WOD
0-8 Minutes
P1 Run 200m
P2 AMREP of G2O (105/75, no dropping on ground)
When P1 Returns from run, P2 Runs while P1 completes AMREP of G20

8-12 Minutes
With one person working at a time accumulate as many lateral burpees over bar as possible

12-16 Minutes
Accumulate as many v-ups as possible. One person must hold a forearm plank while other person is performing V-ups.

Home WOD:
0-8 Minute
Alternate each minute between 10m run and DB CL & J
Record total distance run and CL&J
8-12 Minute
:30 on and :30 off accumulate as many burpees over DB’s as possible
12-14 Minute
Plank hold
14-16 Minute
Max V-up

1:00 Puppy dog
1:00 Low dragon

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