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Tuesday, April 11


5 Walk-outs
10 Shoulder circles (Front and back)
5 Yoga push-up
200m Run
75′ Bear crawl
12 T-spine opener
10 Bird dog
5 Strict press
5 Push press
5 Push jerk
30 Jumping jax
5 HRPU changing hand position every rep.

25-20-15-10-5 S2O (Rx-135/95, Scaled I-105/75, Scaled II-85/55, Scaled III- 65/40)
800-600-400-200-100m Run
50-40-30-20-10 HRPU
*24 minute cap. If you finish in under 20 minutes, finish with a 600-1000m run.
Scale S2O to a load that allows you to get at lease 5 reps at a time. Scale run to 600-400-300-200-100. Scale HRPU to 35-30-20-10-5.

:45 Eagle
:45 Archer
:45 Low dragon

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