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Friday, April 16


10 Bootstrapper
20 Single leg glute bridge (10 each side)
10 Hollow rock
10 Superman
10 Top down deadlift
5 Up/down dog
10 Burpee

A) For time:
20-15-10 Deadlift (225/155#, 175/115, 135/95, 95/65). Load should be no more than 50% of 1RM.
30-25-20 T2B/knee raise (scale to knee raise and/or scale volume to 20/15/10)
Cranky back? Substitute 30-26-20 Split stance DB deadlift.
*12 minute time cap.

B) Partner farmers carry
6 minute AMREP
In 150m increments accumulate as many meters as possible.
Choose a weight that would be challenging to go 75m unbroken. Not comfortable sharing a KB? Perform a 75m carry followed by a :30 rest for 6 minutes.

Home WOD:
5-6 Rounds of:
16 DB Single leg deadlift
16 Russian Twist
:45 Farmers carry march
*20 minute cap

1:00 Lying knee twist

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