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Friday, April 17



2 Rounds:
10 Passthroughs
6 Up dog/down dog
12 Scap pushups
Bear crawl 25′ forward and back
6 Mixed position push-up
10 Shoulder circles front and back
3-7 Pullups based on your setup and how hard they are


A1) Max Strict pullup in a minute (Sub sheet rows or ring rows)
A2) Max Floor Press or wide grip pushup in a minute


B) 0-2 minutes perform same pull-up volume as A1
2-4 Perform same floor press or push up volume as A2
Continue for 4 sets for 16 minutes.

C) Every 2 minutes for 8 minutes (4 sets)
16 Bent over row (8 each side, DB 50/35#, BB 95/65#, use a water jug or fill a backpack if you don’t have weights and add a 3 second pause at top)
10 Weighted glute bridge (Use a weight that is moderately challenging, bodyweight do single-leg bridges,10 each leg)


1:00 Archer
1:00 Rainbow stretch

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