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Monday, April 20


CF MVA is participating with the rest of the CF community in the Support Your Local Box Fundraiser!
You can participate by registering and joining the worldwide leaderboard.

This weeks Home WOD Challenge is to get the highest score on the virtual pushup challenge (see video).

Warm up:
10 Leg Swings
5 Sun salutations
5 Air squat + lunge + lunge
10 Spiderman lunge
7 Tuck-ups
5 Wall Squats
2 Rounds of:
20 Penguin jumps
5 Burpees

A) 7 minute AMRAP of:
Single DB Front squat + R step up + Single DB Front squat L step up (50/35#, 20/18#)

Support Your Local Box WOD #2
15 minutes AMRAP: (1st round for time)
100 double-unders (200 SU/100 Jumping jax)
21 burpees
75 double-unders
15 burpees
50 double-unders
9 burpees

1:30 Frog
1:00 Forward Fold

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