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Monday, April 25


Congratulations to Amirah on placing 2nd at the Festivus Games!

10 Leg swing
6 Bootstrapper
8 Narrow stance squat
10 Superman
8 Scorpion
10 Hollow rock
6 Plank lunge w/ rotation (rotate arm up to sky w/ same side arm as lead leg, hold 2-3 seconds)
6 Single DB step up
5 Front squat w/ 2 second pause
150m Run

A) Front squat wave 5-3-1-5-3-1
*15 minutes including warm-up. Build heavier than last week.

B) 8 minute AMREP:
6 DB box step up (2 DB’s Rx+-50/35, Rx-35/25#, Scale I-25/15)
1 Roll to candlestick (Scale to R2C on mat or 1 1/2 air squat)
6 DB box step up
2 Roll to candlestick
6 DB box step up
3 Roll to candlestick…
*Continue to add 1 roll to candlestick after each set of step ups until 8 minutes is up.
Compare to 070720.

1:30 Couch stretch

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