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Monday, April 27


Happy Birthday Sean Kumar!

Home WOD Challenge: Download the free Home Court app. High score on the agility drill called Split Step Reaction wins!

Warm up:
4 Inchworm lunge
20 Jumping jax
10 Reverse lunge
10 Up/down
20 Speed skater
10 Reverse snow angel
10 Tuck up
10 Air squat
5 Burpee

A) Every 2 minutes for 12 minutes
6-8 Bulgarian split squats left and right (DB 50/35#, BB 105/75#, 18/13″)
Bodyweight: Pistols or tempo split squats
Compare to 040720

50 Burpee box overs for time (24/20″) If you don’t have a box than find something to jump over.
At the start of each minute complete 7 Air squats (scale to 4)
*12 minute cap

1:00 Frog
1:00 Saddle

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