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Wednesday, April 28


Wednesdays 12:30pm Zoom will be the final coached Zoom WOD! Zoomers join Coach Katy for her final hoorah!

Row 1 minute
:30 Deep squat complex
:30 Inchworm
10 Shoulder circle
5 Yoga pushup
10 Tuck up
10 Superman
5 Pullup

WOD: Partner WOD!
For time:
4000m Row (Scale to 3000m)
150 Pullup (Rx+ 200, Scale 100) Sub ring rows.
Every minute partners must rotate on the rower. Both partners working at the same time
If pullups are completed before the row is complete then one person rests while the other rows until the 3000m is complete.
*20 minute time cap. If your team finishes in under 20 minutes, rest until the 20 minute mark.
at 20 minutes:
4 minute AMREP of pushups
*1 person working at a time.

Home/Zoom WOD:
Partition as needed
2000m Row
75 Pullup (100-150 renegade row)
*18 minute cap.
at 18 minutes
Complete as many pushups as possible
:30 work/:30 rest for 4 minutes

1:00 Couch stretch
1:00 Eagle

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