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Friday, April 29


5 Bootstrapper
4 Up down dog
:10 Hollow hold + 7 Tuck-up
8 Superman
4 Spiderman lunge
12 Fire hydrant
12 Shoulder tap in plank
5 Push-up
8 Single leg glute bridge
5 Burpee
5 Toe to bar/knee raise

A) 4 Sets for quality of:
10 Back squat (Same load across or slight increase)
Max Unbroken Push-up
*20 minutes including back squat warm-up.
If you don’t get at least 10 unbroken push-up, break them as needed to get a minimum of 10.

B) Players choice:
50 T2B/knee raise for time
50 Burpee for time
*5 minute cap. Scale as needed to finish under cap or see how many reps you can get in 5 minutes.

:35 Lying knee twist
:35 Frog
:35 Side puppy

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