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Saturday, May 2


Happy Birthday Benja Davies!

Burpees! No seriously, the first couple minutes of burpees should be your real warm-up.
You can get the body loose with leg swings, inchworms, and a up/down dogs prior to starting.


“Burpee Hour”

Support our Local Restaurants by Participating in Burpee Hour!
On Saturday morning, CrossFit MVA will be participating in a worldwide movement initiative created by 12 Labours CrossFit to support restaurants. Our local restaurants need us now more than ever, so let’s help them out by building up a hearty appetite through one hour of burpees! The event is simple, perform burpees for one hour anytime before 6 PM on Saturday and then order take-out from a local restaurant when you’re done.

You can join MVA at 9 AM Saturday on Zoom to suffer alongside your fellow MVA’ers, or do it on your own when it’s convenient for you.

All you have to do to participate is sign up for free using the registration link below. Once you’ve completed your burpees, make sure to submit your results on the event leaderboard.

We hope to see you in for the 9 AM class. Otherwise, we’ll look for you on the leaderboard or out in the curbside restaurant pickup lines!


1:00 Lying knee twist
1:00 Straddle

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