Wednesday, May 5


10 PVC passthrough
5 Yoga pushup
10 PVC Halo
10 Hollow Rock
10 Cat cow
10 Superman
5 Inchworm pushup
5 Burpee to target (practice jumping to pullup bar for positioning practice)
5 Deep Squat Complex
5 Pullup

WOD: Partner WOD!
20 minute AMReP of:
Burpee pullups
*GI Jane is an individual WOD of 100 Burpee pullup. Can anyone get 200 as a team?! Pullup can be strict, kipping or jumping.
(if you have not built up a high pullup volume then take out the pullup when you get to 50-75 reps and switch to burpee only).

Home/Zoom WOD:
“GI Jane”
100 Burpee pullup (scale to 50-75)
100 Burpee renegade row L + R

1:00 Archer
1:00 Eagle

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