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A) 10 minutes to build to a heavy Clean & Jerk

B) Lurong kick-off WOD!
Description- Complete as many reps as possible within the time allowed. If the athlete completes the round before the 4 minutes is up, the athlete earns another 4-minute time extension and immediately starts round 2. The athlete then has until the clock hits 8 minutes to complete round 2, and if round 2 is completed before the 8-minute mark, the athlete will earn another 4 minutes. If the athlete finishes round 3 before the 12-minute mark, they will earn a final 4-minute time extension. If the athlete reaches the clean & jerks in the 4th round the athlete will perform AMRAP clean & jerks until the workout is over at 16 minutes. See details for each level:

Level III
20 Box Jump Overs (30/24″)
15 Toes to Bar
10 Clean & Jerks (M-155/185/205/225, W-105/125/145/175)

Level II
20 Box Jump Overs or Step Overs (24/20″)
15 Anchored Toes to Bar
10 Clean & Jerks (M-95/115/135/155, W-55/70/85/105)

Level I
20 Box Jump Overs or Step Overs (20/14″)
15 Abmat Sit Ups
10 Clean & Jerks (M-55/75/95/115, W-35/55/70/85)


Registration closes midnight Monday: there’s still time to register if you are interested!


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