Friday, May 19


7 minute AMRAP
1 Rope get up
2 Inchworm
4 Spiderman lunge
6 Bootstrapper
8 Superman
6 Renegade row
8 Glute bridge

A) Every 4 minutes for 20 minutes (5 sets)
5 Sumo Deadlift (Building)
14 Single-arm DB bent over row on box (7 each side, heavy)
12 Hamstring curl (ring or band) or 6-8 hamstring walk out

B) 6 minute AMREP:
Rope Climb (Rx+ no jump, scale to rope get-up)
*In 3 person teams, accumulate as many rope climbs and burpees as possible. P1 performs rope climb while P2 & P3 perform burpees, rotate at any time as a team on rope climb with the goal of accumulating as many reps as possible of both movements.

:30 Wrist stretch
:30 Child’s pose
1:00 Forward fold
1:00 Straddle

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