Friday, May 21


20 Jumping Jax
10 Air squat
8 Superman
4 Push up w/ fingertips towards toes
5 Walk outs
6 Clean high pull
5 Muscle clean
4 Hang power clean
Partner 1: 2 rope get ups
Partner 2: 3 Deep squat complex
Partner 3: :30 Wrist stretch

WOD: Team WOD!
In teams of 3, rotate through each station and accumulate as many reps as possible in 18 minutes of:
Station 1: 100m Farmers Carry (Heavy)
Station 2: Rope Climb (Sub strict pullup or ring row)
Station 3: Hang Power Clean (135/95#)
Everyone working at the same time, switch stations after each farmers carry.

Home WOD:
EMOM x 18 (6 sets)
Minute 1: DB Farmers Carry (:30 out and :30 back or 1 minute march in place)
Minute 2: DB Slide
Minute 3: DB Hang Power Clean

:30 Wrist/forearm stretch on knees
:30 Thread the needle
:30 Puppy dog
:30 Child’s pose

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