Saturday, May 21


Restorative Stretch Reminder! Restorative stretch class is back this Sunday from 1-1:45pm. Registration is currently open in Pike13. Make sure to sign up by 9am on Sunday!
Read more about stretch here.

Warm up:
P1 150m Run
P2 Inchworm lunge
P1 2 Wall walk up
P2 Hold bottom of squat
P1 30 Jumping jax
P2 Deep squat complex
P1 3 Rope get up
P2 BB thruster

Partner WOD:
1000m Run (Partners run together, Scale to 800)
20 Thruster (Rx-95/65#, Scale I-75/50, Scale II-55/35)
10 Rope Climb (Scale to 6 reps or 20 pullups)

800m Run (Scale to 600m)
30 Thruster
10 Rope Climb

600m Run (Scale to 400m)
40 Thruster
10 Rope Climb

400m Run (Scale to 200m)
50 Thruster
10 Rope climb

*30 minute cap.

:30 Archer
1:00 Frog

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