Tuesday, May 25


150m Run
5 Inchworm
10 Spiderman lunge
5 Up down dog
10 Cossack squat
5 Kip swing
10 Lat pull
5 Pullup
20 Jumping jax
20 High knees
20 Mountain climbers

10 RFT of:
200m Run
10 Pullup
Scale to 150m Run and/or 5-7 Pullup
Rx+ Run 300m (150m x 2) + 15 Pullup
*22 minute time cap.
This is the last high volume training day for pullups and running before Murph so don’t miss it if you plan on joining us for Memorial Day Murph on Monday, May 31!

Home WOD:
Sub DB renegade row for pullup

1:00 Foam roll lats
1:00 Foam roll IT band

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