Friday, May 28


3 Deep squat complex
10 Shoulder circles
5 Yoga pushup
10 T-spine rotation
6 BB push press
30 Jumping jax
2 DB Man-maker
3 Inchworm push-up

0-7 minutes: Build to a heavy 3 rep Push Press
7-12 minute: AMRAP of
10 T2B (Knee raise)
10 HSPU (Pike Push-up)
12-15 minute: Max DB Man-Maker 35/25#
MM=pushup/row/row/power clean/push press
Record top push press load, total rounds and reps for T2B/HSPU, total DB MM

Home WOD:
0-7 minute: 2-3 wall walk-up every minute
7-12 minute: AMRAP of
10 V-up/tuck-up
10 HSPU/Pike push-up
12-15 minute: Max DB Man-maker

1:00 Puppy dog
1:00 Foam roll t-spine
1:00 Foam roll lats

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