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Saturday, May 30


2 Rounds of:
4 Inchworm
25′ of the following:
Gorilla hops
High knees
Over under the fence
Butt kicks
Side shuffle
10 Wall squat
5 pullup or 7 rows
3 Deep Squat Complex

“Felix the Cat”
6 Rounds for Time
9 Burpees
9 Box Jumps or jump over an odd object (24/20″)
9 Pull-Ups, sheet rows, renegade rows
9 Thrusters (DB 50/35#, BB 95/65#, Bodyweight squat jump + pike push up)
9 Toes-to-Bar (see video for bodyweight T2B)
*20 minute cap. Scale to 4 or 5 rounds. Compare to 060218

This British Tribute WOD is dedicated to all the RLC EOD operators who expended their 9 lives and paid the ultimate sacrifice in Afghanistan. Among them they defused 100’s of explosive devices, saving countless lives. Gaz O’Donnel G.M., Dan Shepherd G.C., Oz Schmid G.C., Dan Read Q.G.M., Brett Linley G.M., Lisa Head. The RLC EOD left Afghanistan on the 26 October 2014.

1:00 Couch
1:00 Saddle

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