Wednesday, June 2


Happy 7th Anniversary CF MVA! Thank you so much to everyone in the MVA community for making MVA such a warm and welcoming place to train and for all of those who stuck with us through the pandemic!!

6 Up down dog
36 Shuffle splits
12 Box step up
2 Box walk around (1/2 way around right and 1/2 left)
12 Single leg v-up
6 Superman w/ 3 second hold
1 (Box walk up + 3 Pike pushup)
6 Knee raise
3 T2B

A) Every :90 for 6 minutes (4 sets)
1-3 Wall walk up+ 3-5 strict HSPU
Scale to a box walk up & Pike push up on box

B) 7 Year anniversary WOD!
7 rounds for time of: (For the 7 years we’ve been open!)
17 Box Jump (20/18”)
12 T2B/knee raise (Hands tore up from Murph? Sub 17 V-up)
*15 minute time cap. (17/12 reps are for our address!)

Home WOD: Same as above

1:00 Archer
1:00 Low dragon

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