Friday, June 2


Happy 9 year anniversary CF MVA! Thank you to all of the members and coaches who have helped to create and sustain such a wonderful community!

P1 :45 Row
P2 :45 Up down dog + walk dog
10 Scap pushup
6 Spiderman lunge
18 Mountain climber
10 T-spine rotation
10 Scap pullup
8 Single arm push press (4 each side)
6 DB snatch
4 Box step up
4 Box jump
4 Knee raise
2 T2B

5 Rounds, each for time against a 2:30 clock
9 T2B (Knee raise)
17 Box jump (24/20″)
12 DB snatch (50/35#, scale as needed to keep each set UB)

Immediately followed by

For time: Partner 2014m Row
Alternate w/ partner at any time until 2014m are complete.

*9 represents the years CF MVA has been open, 17 and 12 represent the address and 2014 is the year CF MVA opened!

:30 Puppy dog
:30 Thread the needle
:30 Archer in saddle

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