Thursday, June 3


Happy Birthday Jose Ybanez!

All classes will be indoors Thursday due to potential thunderstorms.

10 Bootstrapper
10 Leg swing
8 Cossack squat
8 Bird dog
6 Yoga pushup
6 Air squat
P1 Assault bike test. Bike for max calories in :40 at 85-90% effort.
P2 :40 Inchworm lunge until P1 is done with bike test then switch

Partner WOD!
21 minute AMRAP of:
x Assault bike calories (# determined in warm-up)
8 Wallball (20/14#)
P1 completes a full round while P2 rests, then P2 completes a round while P1 rests.
Score is total rounds and reps performed as a team.

Home WOD:
21 minute AMRAP of:
:40 Run/Row/AB
8 Wallball or DB thruster (single arm if your DB’s are heavy and double if they are light)
Rest :90 after each round

5:00 General foam roll

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