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Wednesday, June 16


5 Inchworm push-up
10 PVC Pass throughs
5 Yoga push-ups
10 PVC Halo
20 Hollow rock
5 Push press
5 Push jerk
1 Wall walk up with five second hold
:90 Kick up into handstand, practice shifting weight for shoulder taps. (scale by doing in L position on wall or w/ feet on box)

For time:
100 Shoulder tap buy-in (scale to 50-75)
5 minute cap

5-7 Rounds of:
8 Shoulder-to-overhead (135/95, scale to a load that is challenging but unbroken)
48 DU/72 SU
Rest 1 minute
13 minute cap

Cash out
100 V-up or Tuck-up (Scale as needed to complete in under five minutes)

1:00 Archer
1:00 Thread the needle

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